COVID-19 Statement

18th March 2020

As virus COVID-19 starts to impact public health and the economy, we feel it necessary to explain our current position and measures we are implementing to protect our clients, partners and team members.

We are closely following and adhering to guidance given by the UK Government and the applicable health agencies/authorities, and as such, are continually assessing and implementing measures to minimise any associated risk to the service levels provided.

We are keeping in communication with our supply chain and have taken steps to order common hardware items, such as packaging, fasteners and consumables to cover a 3-month period.  We have been advised that steel supplies will remain unaffected during this period but we will continue to monitor the situation.

We are starting to see some issues with transport arrangements where some drivers are self-isolating and being utilised to cover increased loads of food and pharmaceuticals.  Whilst there have been some relaxations to the maximum driver hours, this does not currently cover the delivery of sheet metal products.  We ask that you bear with us as we try to mitigate any issues by extending our partnerships with hauliers and do our best to group deliveries together to reduce overall stress on the network.

We have implemented more stringent cleaning measures with cleaner hours increased to reduce the spread of infection.

We have purchased several laptops and insisted that anyone who needs to work from home does.  This means you should notice little change to the day-to-day contact and response levels for enquiries.  Those who work from home are contactable through our voice over I.P. phone system so phoning the office number or direct dial remains valid for those working from home.

As you will appreciate, certain production team members will not be able to work from home, so we are taking additional precautions to ensure gatherings of people and close working proximities are reduced where possible.  We can’t give any assurances that our production team will be unaffected and as such will be in contact continually with any relevant updates.  At this point in time we are fortunately minimally affected.

We are limiting all but essential face-to-face meetings both internally and externally.

We are, as always, committed to meeting your needs and will continue to monitor and update you as things change.  We are proactively and dynamically adjusting actions to help limit the spread of the virus to protect the health and needs of our clients, partners and team members and we ask that you work with us to this end during this difficult time.


Craig Collier – Operations Director

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