Be Aware - Fraud Alert

24th February 2020

Amber Bird - Company Director

A customer recently had a close call with banking fraud.  Emails were hacked and fraudsters intercepted messages and spoofed replies from TBE requesting the payment to go to our “new bank account”.  This included a PDF using our logo, company details, and two false Directors and their signatures authorising the change.  It was a sophisticated effort.  Worryingly, it's seemingly on an inexorable rise. 

We value all of our customers and suppliers and wish to highlight this issue which is now prevalent.  We would advise all our partners to check directly with a contact you know and on a phone number you already have stored.  Fraudsters often spoof the emails to look like they are emailed from your contact and often imitate the usual conversational tone between parties.  A sense of urgency is often incorporated into the request to try and steer people away from making due diligence checks.

We have NO plans to change our bank account details and if we did, we would contact you by phone and email to alert, inform, and verify any such changes.  We always verify by phone any bank account changes we receive.

Stay safe, stay aware.

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