Our continual investment policy strikes again!

11th April 2017

Our 9th Press Brake is now up and running!

TBE's ongoing continual investment policy has been proved once again by our investment in our 9th Press Brake (which compliment our fully automated Salvagnini Panel Bender nicely).

We have taken a slightly different approach on this particualr Press Brake, our 8 other Press Brakes are all hydraulic, this Press Brake is electric, the beauty in this concept is that it can be moved around the shop floor to where it can be utilsed best for any given job!

Our Operations Manager commented "This new machine is a truly flexible piece of kit, it takes a matter of minutes to move it to a position on the shop floor where we can add the folding operation working alongside either the lasers, pemserters or welding, we are already seeing an upturn in production and of course these savings can be passed onto our customers"

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